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Beautiful Bridal Inspiration | Oregon Coast

Another teaser from another shoot soon to come in full!  I’ll be releasing full blog posts once submissions are through.  Enjoy a few from this beautiful bridal inspiration shoot from out on the Oregon coast near Oceanside.

Cameras : Pentax 645N, Fuji X-T2  |  Film : Fuji400H

Oregon Coast wedding photographer Cannon Beach Oregon Coast wedding photographer Cannon Beach Bride Oregon Coast wedding photographer Cannon Beach Sensual

Host Tyler Rye –
Stylist – Ginny Au –
Floral Design – Ponderosa & Thyme –
Calligraphy Jenny Sanders –
MUAH- Austie Eckley-
Gowns- Cathy Telle –
Ribbon & Table Runner FrouFrou Chic –
Head Pieces & Veil Enchanted Atelier By Liv Hart –
Paper- Farmette Press –
Rings- Victor Barbone Jewelry –
Table Ceramics – Notary Ceramics –
Styling Surface Pilgram & Co shop –
Styling Surface- Simply Rooted Surfaces –
Rentals- Classic Vintage Rentals –
Film Lab- Photo Vision Prints –
Attendee Gifts- Salt and Pepper Co-

Hannah & Jason | Greenville Engagement

Vintage truck engagement Hannah-nature-BLG-2 Hannah-nature-BLG-3 Vintage truck engagement Vintage truck engagement Vintage truck engagement Vintage truck engagement Hannah-nature-BLG-8 Vintage truck engagement Hannah-nature-BLG-10 Vintage truck engagement Hannah-nature-BLG-12 Vintage truck engagement Hannah-nature-BLG-14 Hannah-nature-BLG-15 Vintage truck engagement Vintage truck engagement Hannah-nature-BLG-18 Vintage truck engagement Hannah-nature-BLG-20 Vintage truck engagement Vintage truck engagement Hannah-nature-BLG-23 Hannah-nature-BLG-24 Hannah-nature-BLG-25 Vintage truck engagement Vintage truck engagement Vintage truck engagement Vintage truck engagement Hannah-nature-BLG-30

I had a great time shooting with Hannah and Jason and we even got to pay homage to a beautifully vintage truck that belongs to Jason.  I can wait until your big day guys!

 Cameras: Nikon D4, Pentax K1000 and Hasselblad 503c | Film : Portra 400  |  Lab: The FIND Lab

Stephanie & Chris | Hotel Domestique | Cliffs Wedding

Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-1 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-2 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-3 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-4 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-5 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-6 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-7 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-8 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-9 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-10 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-11 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-12 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-13 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-14 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-15 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-16 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-17 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-18 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-19 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-20 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-21 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-22 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-23 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-24 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-25 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-26 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-27 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-28 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-29 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-30 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-31 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-32 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-33 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-34 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-35 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-36 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-37 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-38 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-39 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-40

I can’t say enough about the beauty of this day.  Hotel Domestique as our first look venue, Cliffs at Glassy Mountain for the ceremony, and the Cabin at the Cliffs for the reception.  Add in some amazing details, a debonair groom, and a stunning bride and you have a full recipe for some serious photographic magic!  Thank you guys for letting me share in the day with you!

Hair & Makeup – Cotton Rouge  |  Dress – Jim Hjelm  |  Day Of Coordination – Love This Little City  |  Flowers – Twigs  |  Videography – Absolute Wedding Films  |  Music – Uptown Entertainment  |  Cake – Jan Hurst

Cameras – Nikon D4, Hasselblad 503c | Film – Fuji 400H & Portra 400| Lab – The FIND Lab


Nora & Matt | The Oaks | Anderson Wedding

Nora-The Oaks-BLG-2 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-3 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-4 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-5 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-6 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-7 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-8 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-9 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-10 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-11 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-12 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-13 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-14 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-15 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-16 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-17 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-18 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-19 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-20 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-21 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-22 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-23 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-24 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-25 Nora-The Oaks-BLG-26

The Oaks is always a beautiful place to shoot and when you time the sun just right, magic happens.  Nora and Matt are an amazing couple and wonderful people and I had the pleasure of sharing this time with them.  Her dad was the most emotional dad I’ve witnessed to date, which is incredibly touching to me as a father myself.  I hope I can handle it as well as he did!  Here are a few of my favorites from the day.  Nora and Matt – thank you so much for letting me be a part of it all!