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Emily & Jonathan | Outdoor Wedding

E&J-Wedding-1 E&J-Wedding-2 E&J-Wedding-3 E&J-Wedding-4 E&J-Wedding-5 E&J-Wedding-6 E&J-Wedding-7 E&J-Wedding-8 E&J-Wedding-9 E&J-Wedding-10 E&J-Wedding-11 E&J-Wedding-12 E&J-Wedding-13 E&J-Wedding-14 E&J-Wedding-15 E&J-Wedding-16 E&J-Wedding-17 E&J-Wedding-18 E&J-Wedding-19 E&J-Wedding-20 E&J-Wedding-21 E&J-Wedding-22 E&J-Wedding-23 E&J-Wedding-24 E&J-Wedding-25 E&J-Wedding-26 E&J-Wedding-27 E&J-Wedding-28 E&J-Wedding-29 E&J-Wedding-30 E&J-Wedding-31 E&J-Wedding-32 E&J-Wedding-33 E&J-Wedding-34 E&J-Wedding-35 E&J-Wedding-36 E&J-Wedding-37 E&J-Wedding-38 E&J-Wedding-39 E&J-Wedding-40 E&J-Wedding-41 E&J-Wedding-42 E&J-Wedding-43 E&J-Wedding-55 E&J-Wedding-44 E&J-Wedding-45 E&J-Wedding-46 E&J-Wedding-47 E&J-Wedding-49 E&J-Wedding-BLG-56 E&J-Wedding-BLG-57 E&J-Wedding-BLG-58 E&J-Wedding-BLG-59 E&J-Wedding-BLG-60 E&J-Wedding-BLG-61

Dress – David’s Bridal | Shoes – Designer Show WH | Bridesmaids – DH Gate | Stationary – Etsy | Flowers & Coordination – Alisha Millwood | Video – Ethan Swords Cinematic Technologies | Makeup – Brittany Curtis | Catering/Cake – Self 

If you follow, then you’ll recognize these guys from their awesome engagement session and Emily’s incredible bridal portrait session.  Now for the big day.  This was an emotional and love-filled day and the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding.  Married under the oaks with a pond behind sounds like lyrics to a country song, but that’s where we were!  Thank you guys for letting me share this amazing day with you both!

Fall Wedding Inspiration

Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-1 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-2 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-3 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-4 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-5 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-6 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-7 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-8 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-9 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-10 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-11 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-12 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-13 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-14 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-15 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-16 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-17 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-18 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-19 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-20 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-21

Looking for some ideas for your late fall and early winter wedding?  I had the joy of doing 2 small fall-color inspired shoots a few weeks back and this one was certainly beautiful.  Lavenders, creams, and pale greens add subtle dreamy colors that match perfectly with the Waterford crystal glasses and platinum china collection.  The sterling silverware makes a beautiful pairing with the platinum as well.  I love the chocolate and candied-ginger naked cake that adds a touch of masculinity to the subtle table-scape.  The silk twine tying the silverware, the name cards and the lavender runner all from Silk and Willow pay homage to the importance of the small details.

Cameras – Nikon D4, Nikon FE, Pentax K1000, Hasselblad 503c | Film – Portra 400 | Lab – The FIND Lab


Country Home Wedding | Greenville SC

M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-1 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-3 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-2 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-4 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-5 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-6 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-7 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-8 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-9 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-10 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-13 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-14 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-15 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-16 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-17 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-18 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-19 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-23 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-22 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-21 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-20 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-24 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-28 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-27 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-26 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-25 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-29 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-32 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-31 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-30 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-34 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-33 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-12 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-11 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-35 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-36 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-37 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-38 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-39 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-40 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-41 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-55 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-56 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-42 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-43 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-44 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-45 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-46 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-47 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-48 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-49 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-52 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-53 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-54 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-57 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-58 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-50 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-51

 Cameras – Nikon D4, Hasselblad 503c | Film – Porta 400 | Lab – The FIND Lab

Coordination – Jubilee Weddings and Events | Catering – Midway BBQ | Band – Emerald Empire | Dress – Galina | Bridesmaids Dress Tops – New York & Co. | Groom and Groomsmen Suits – Murano | Engagement Ring – Family Heirloom | Wedding Bands – Helzberg | Flowers – Family Friend | Cake – Cakehead Bake Shop

I really loved this wedding.  Meredith and Quentin are two amazing people and this day was nothing but love everywhere.  Thank you both so much for letting me be a part of it and sharing this with you!


Emma & Kyle | Hilton Head Wedding | Sonesta

There are so many great things I could say about this beautiful wedding at the Sonesta Resort in Hilton Head.  Emma and Kyle are wonderful people and their families are absolutely amazing.  We had such an incredible time spending the weekend with them.  It had to be one of the hottest days I’ve ever shot outside on, but everyone muscled through the heat and Emma and Kyle both looked as cool as they come.  Thank you both so much for letting us share your wedding with you and for your families inviting us in as they did.  We are so blessed to know you!  Enjoy some of my favorites from the day…

Dress – Carolina Traditions  |  Catering – Sonesta Resort  |  Florist – A Floral Affair  |  Cake – Signes Heaven Bound Bakery  |  Ceremony Music – Sean Driscoll  |  DJ – Alan Palchak  |  Day-Of Coordination – Melissa Thompson of Sonesta