Chelsey & Parker ~ Poinsett Bridge ~ Greenville

CP-Poinsett-Bridge-001-Sheet-1 CP-Poinsett-Bridge-002-Sheet-2 CP-Poinsett-Bridge-003-Sheet-3 CP-Poinsett-Bridge-004-Sheet-4 CP-Poinsett-Bridge-005-Sheet-5 CP-Poinsett-Bridge-007-Sheet-7 CP-Poinsett-Bridge-008-Sheet-8 CP-Poinsett-Bridge-009-Sheet-9 CP-Poinsett-Bridge-010-Sheet-10 CP-Poinsett-Bridge-011-Sheet-11 CP-Poinsett-Bridge-014-Sheet-14 CP-Poinsett-Bridge-016-Sheet-16 CP-Poinsett-Bridge-018-Sheet-18 CP-Poinsett-Bridge-019-Sheet-19 CP-Poinsett-Bridge-020-Sheet-20

Meet Chelsey & Parker!  We made our way up to Poinsett Bridge for their engagement session a few weeks ago and the afternoon was absolutely perfect.  The light was wonderful and the leaves were starting to change colors a little to give us some warm backgrounds!  I had a great time with these two and am really excited about their wedding next year!  Hope you enjoy~