Country Home Wedding | Greenville SC

M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-1 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-3 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-2 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-4 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-5 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-6 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-7 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-8 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-9 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-10 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-13 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-14 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-15 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-16 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-17 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-18 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-19 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-23 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-22 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-21 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-20 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-24 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-28 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-27 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-26 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-25 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-29 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-32 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-31 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-30 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-34 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-33 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-12 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-11 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-35 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-36 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-37 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-38 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-39 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-40 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-41 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-55 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-56 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-42 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-43 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-44 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-45 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-46 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-47 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-48 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-49 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-52 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-53 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-54 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-57 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-58 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-50 M&Q-Country Wedding-BLG-51

 Cameras – Nikon D4, Hasselblad 503c | Film – Porta 400 | Lab – The FIND Lab

Coordination – Jubilee Weddings and Events | Catering – Midway BBQ | Band – Emerald Empire | Dress – Galina | Bridesmaids Dress Tops – New York & Co. | Groom and Groomsmen Suits – Murano | Engagement Ring – Family Heirloom | Wedding Bands – Helzberg | Flowers – Family Friend | Cake – Cakehead Bake Shop

I really loved this wedding.  Meredith and Quentin are two amazing people and this day was nothing but love everywhere.  Thank you both so much for letting me be a part of it and sharing this with you!