-How do you describe your style?

My style is one that is an organic, lifestyle approach – romantic story-telling with a modern twist, using natural light as much as possible. I want your pictures to tell what your day felt like, not just what it looked like.

-Do you use a 2nd photographer?

I don’t. I’m a solo shooting kinda guy. In years past, I would often utilize a 2nd photographer but was never completely thrilled with the images since no 2 photographers see things alike. I also found that the benefit of a second shooter usually did not justify the huge increase in price. By shooting alone, I am able to offer my clients amazing pictures at a much more reasonable rate. Everything you see from Aperture Vision was shot by me alone.

-How many pictures do I get?

It depends. You will usually receive between 600-800 shots for an 8-hour day. I know that’s a large range, but the location of the ceremony and reception, how many locations we go to, what kind of details you’ve invested in, and what type of reception you have all have an impact on how many shots you will get back.

-Do you edit all the pictures?

Yes. I love the warm and organic look of film.  When shooting digital, my edits emulate that same look – gentle colors, natural skin tones, warm light. If you would like any specific editing outside of the basics (exposure, white balance, etc.), these are quoted on a picture by picture basis.

-Do you shoot film or digital?

I learned on film (I’m dating myself here), so I have always loved the soft and nostalgic look.  And I use film for some small personal projects and just for capturing my family and friends.  I used to offer both film and/or digital to my clients, but with Fuji’s recent drop of their 400H (my preferred film stock), and the massive increase in price with film, I only offer digital at this time.

-Do you travel and what are the charges?

Absolutely! The travel fee is generally based off of mileage outside of a 50 mile radius from Portland. If over-night stays are required, then I can work that out with you.

-How long have you been a photographer?

Most of my life. I’ve been behind a camera since I was 10, professionally since 1994, and shooting weddings since 2007.

-Are their any other fees or charges associated with hiring you?

Nope – what you see is it – nothing hidden and nothing extra!

-What happens if you can’t make the wedding?

This has never happened. However, I work within an extensive network of talented photographers that should be able to fill in at a moments notice and rescue the day!

-What gear do you keep in your bag?

You know, cameras and stuff! For digital, I use Fujis. My gear bag has an assortment of prime and zoom lenses and a whole mess of flashes, & video lights when the need arises.  And you will usually find a bag of nuts and seeds or a granola bar or two. (Yep, I share)

-Well, that’s the cat’s meow – sign me up!

Awesome! As soon as you contact me to secure your date, I will send out a contract to you. You then have 7 days to return the contract with a 50% retainer and you are all set! We can also do payment-plans for the retainer.