Jessica & Matt | Engagement | Sunset Falls WA

Being an outdoors kind of guy, I really love it when my couples have spots that are meaningful to them and are out in the middle of nowhere. I had a great opportunity to spend this engagement session at Sunset Falls in Washington. Big fields, lakes, mountains, waterfalls. Here in the PNW, we have lots of that and I’m stoked every time we get to go out and shoot in places like that. Here, we were rewarded with a quick moving river and some powerful falls! The afternoon was getting on and the sun was breaking through the misty foggy air giving an incredible warm light cutting through – giving Sunset Falls an opportunity to live up to its name. Jessica and Matt are both gentle souls and have huge warm hearts. We got to finish up our shoot with some folksy guitar playing, harp blowing, and singing with the pup – we just needed a camp fire and we could have settled in for the night! Enjoy~