Stephanie & Chris | Hotel Domestique | Cliffs Wedding

Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-1 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-2 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-3 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-4 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-5 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-6 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-7 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-8 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-9 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-10 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-11 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-12 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-13 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-14 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-15 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-16 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-17 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-18 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-19 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-20 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-21 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-22 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-23 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-24 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-25 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-26 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-27 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-28 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-29 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-30 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-31 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-32 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-33 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-34 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-35 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-36 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-37 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-38 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-39 Cliffs Glassy-Ely-BLG-40

I can’t say enough about the beauty of this day.  Hotel Domestique as our first look venue, Cliffs at Glassy Mountain for the ceremony, and the Cabin at the Cliffs for the reception.  Add in some amazing details, a debonair groom, and a stunning bride and you have a full recipe for some serious photographic magic!  Thank you guys for letting me share in the day with you!

Hair & Makeup – Cotton Rouge  |  Dress – Jim Hjelm  |  Day Of Coordination – Love This Little City  |  Flowers – Twigs  |  Videography – Absolute Wedding Films  |  Music – Uptown Entertainment  |  Cake – Jan Hurst

Cameras – Nikon D4, Hasselblad 503c | Film – Fuji 400H & Portra 400| Lab – The FIND Lab