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Fall Wedding Inspiration | Style ShootAs Featured on ArtfullyWed

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As Featured on ArtfullyWed

I love this shoot.  I love the colors, I love the tablescape, I love the golden grass and the amazing barely-iced cake.  The gold rimmed crystal and china both add a sense of formality to the rustic open-field vibe and the linen runner, silk ribbon, and cotton rag used for the invitation and name cards all class it up even more.  Special thanks to Cathy with CCbeard Designs with the flowers and to Holly’s Cakes for the amazing cake!

Cameras – Hasselblad 503c, Pentax K1000, Nikon D4 | Film – Portra 400 | Lab – The FIND Lab

Cake – Holly’s Cakes | Flowers – Aperture Vision and CCBeard | Runner, ribbon & cotton rag invitations – Silk and Willow


Fall Wedding Inspiration

Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-1 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-2 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-3 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-4 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-5 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-6 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-7 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-8 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-9 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-10 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-11 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-12 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-13 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-14 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-15 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-16 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-17 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-18 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-19 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-20 Fall Inspiration-lavender-BLG-21

Looking for some ideas for your late fall and early winter wedding?  I had the joy of doing 2 small fall-color inspired shoots a few weeks back and this one was certainly beautiful.  Lavenders, creams, and pale greens add subtle dreamy colors that match perfectly with the Waterford crystal glasses and platinum china collection.  The sterling silverware makes a beautiful pairing with the platinum as well.  I love the chocolate and candied-ginger naked cake that adds a touch of masculinity to the subtle table-scape.  The silk twine tying the silverware, the name cards and the lavender runner all from Silk and Willow pay homage to the importance of the small details.

Cameras – Nikon D4, Nikon FE, Pentax K1000, Hasselblad 503c | Film – Portra 400 | Lab – The FIND Lab